Robert Schrooten

Robert Schrooten

I was born in St. Louis Park, Minnesota in 1982. My family moved to Connecticut when I was two, and then to Alaska when I was nine. After graduating high school I returned to Minnesota for college, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design from Ai Minnesota. Currently I call Alaska home again and I love it here.

Drawing is something I've always loved and I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an artist, and eventually a cartoonist. Comic strips are my favorite art form and have been my single greatest artistic influence. During middle and high school I wrote and illustrated several comic strips and even won a few awards. In addition to school newspapers my work has been published in the Anchorage Press, the Anchorage Daily News and The Book Affair (Loussac Library newsletter). Recently I’ve been drawing commercial work for Credit Union 1, Standing Together Against Rape (STAR), Green Dot, et cetera, Inc., Houston (Alaska) Chamber of Commerce, Susitna Rotary Club, MPC Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Greatlander Publications and North Iowa Sand & Gravel.

I primarily work in non-photo blue pencil and Sharpie on Bristol board, then scan to my Mac and color in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I also use the Procreate app on my iPad mini and may go all digital some day.

Occasionally I will take breaks to kiss my wife and kids. I also enjoy running, swimming, eating pizza and watching movies.

My goal is to create a diverse portfolio, and ultimately bring joy to other people through my work. If there's a project I can help you with please give me a shout.